How to Sign Up & Register a Godnterest Blog

This page is about how to sign up and register for your Godinterest blog.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on "Create website"
  3. Now fill out the registration form and click on "next"
  4. Now choose a name for your blog. This name should have no spaces or special characters. You can also select your preferred language and click "Sign up" Make sure you write down your password if you use our no email option otherwise you won’t be able to reset it.


  • Use only lowercase letters and numbers, with no spaces, in your username. Your username is what you use to sign into your blog dashboard and is displayed on posts and comments you write. While you can’t change your username, most blog platforms do allow you to change how your name is displayed on posts and comments. Most teachers don’t allow students to use first and last name online, so most educators model this by using display names like Miss W or Mrs. Waters.
  • Your Blog domain can’t be changed once created. If you want to change it you will need to create a new blog. During the creation of your blog you’ll have to select a blog domain for it (this is your blog URL). When you want others to visit your blog you give them the URL link of your blog.
  • For example, think carefully about your blog URL. Once your blog has an established audience you’re less likely to want to change your blog URL. Ideally you want to keep your blog URL short, easy to remember and suitable to be reused for several years.
  • A simple option is to use your name in the blog URL as these educators did: Mr. Baldock’s Class blog ( Mr. Salsich’s Class blog (


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