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  1. Accounts & Setup 

    1. Create a Blog
    2. Deleting my account / blog
    3. My blog is deleted
    4. My blog is suspended
    5. My IP is being blocked and I can’t signup
  2. Appearance & Customization( 

    1. Using Themes
    2. Customize Your Theme
    3. The side panel on my blog is now showing?
    4. My featured images are gone!
    5. Setting featured images
  3. Comments & Feedback 

    1. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Custom Domains 

    1. Domains
    2. Domain Mapping
  5. FAQs 

    1. Godinterest for Android
    2. I am not sure how to get started on Godinterest
    3. What are articles/canned responses and how do I use them?
    4. Connect your domain to your blog
    5. A note on permalinks
  6. Guidelines & TOS 

    1. Is mature content allowed on Godinterest
    2. What is Godinterest's Guiding Principles?
  7. Media 

    1. Inserting images, pictures and photos into a post and page on a God.ag Blog
  8. Mobile Blogging  

    1. Mobile Blogging
    2. WordPress iOS App
  9. Posts & Publishing 

    1. RSS Feeds
    2. Import Blogs - Blogger, Live Journal, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, RSS
    3. I'm still getting a bunch of these "post update" emails?
  10. Reports & DMCA Complaints  

    1. Report a blog as spam or as of offensive nature
  11. Upgrades & Premium Features 

    1. How do I pay for my plan?
  12. Users & Profiles 

    1. Adding Users to your blog
    2. User Roles
    3. User Profile
    4. User and Blog Avatars
  13. All articles 

    1. Inserting images, pictures and photos into a post and page on a God.ag Blog
    2. Godinterest for Android
    3. RSS Feeds
    4. Using Themes
    5. I recently updated my subscription to Pro because it is expired and now I have a \"header for posts\" at the top of my blog. Is there a way to delete this image? Thank
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