How Can You Use Godinterest?

1) Personal blog

It’s extremely easy and not difficult to setup and maintain the blog. 

2) Church website

Many web designers and developers use Godinterest to create webpages for both small and large companies. Again, it’s easy to set up and employees can write content without any knowledge in web creation / HTML.

3) Landing page 

Most internet marketers use Godinterest to build high-end landing pages for their products and items. Mostly because you can set it up faster than a HTML page and it’s flexible as well. 

4) Online magazine

When you host a magazine, there is no need to print it on paper. In fact, there are more magazines online than in the real world.

5) News site

Again, you can start a reputable news site with Godinterest. 

6) Event blog/site

What’s the cure? Get your WordPress live and get a proper event theme.

7) Portfolio

You need a space where you can “show-off” your portfolio. You don’t want to hassle with HTML and you want something neat and beautiful. 

8) Gallery

You have those awesome photos that you recently made. You want to share them with your friends and followers. Why don’t you upload all your photos to your Godinterest gallery blog for everyone to see? WPBeginner has explained it all quite well.

9) Membership site

You have your own product(s) and/or video(s) uploaded to your Godinterest site. You don’t want to create separate webpage for your members yet you want your products to be in safe. 

10) Resume / CV site

Sometimes you might feel that you need a bit more than a blog, twitter and LinkedIn account. For that, you can make a clean and neat Resume / personal CV site with Godinterest. 

11) Video blog

Want to be the next YouTube? Don’t want to spend millions on it? 

12) Polling site

Interested in polls? Want to know others opinion? Just looking for a feedback? Turn your Godinterest blog into polling site with Polldaddy.

13) Clone sites – Twitter, 9gag, Digg

Yeah, you can clone them all. You just need the right themes and you are good to go. 

15) Confession blog

Confession blogs are extremely popular these days and Godinterest allows you to start one within minutes. Make sure you choose a minimalistic theme for your blog so your followers could concentrate on your confessions not your design.

16) Article library

Article libraries gather articles, press releases and other online texts. There are thousands of them and they’re mostly popular among people who are active or working in the search engine optimisation industry. If you’re interested in a specific topic, starting an article library in a certain niche is a great idea for two reasons. Firstly, you get a lot of industry knowledge and secondly you get to know a lot of people from that industry.

17) Online clock, stopwatch site, countdown site

Building an online clock, stopwatch or just a countdown site is easier than ever because WordPress has plugins for each of them. The variety for these types of pages is quite big. For example countdown site can be built to show the marriage time or a lot of travellers use it to show when they are back home. 

18) Press release site

Press release sites are in a similar to article libraries. Once you get going with that, you’ll have thousands of valuable resources and knowledge to use.

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