How to Install the Godinterest "Share" Button

Installing the Godinterest bookmark will enable you to easily add to your images while you search the web.

  1. Ensure that the bookmarks bar in Google Chrome is enabled. To do so, click the wrench in the top right corner of your browser. Then go to Bookmarks, and make sure that there is a check next to "Always Show Bookmarks Bar."
  2. If your using Safari, ensure that the bookmarks bar in Safari is enabled. To do so, click "View" and then "Show Bookmarks."
  3. Sign-in at
  4. Click on your username on the right hand side of the tool bar and scroll down and click on "Get Our Share Button"
  5. Drag the "Share" button into the bookmarks bar from the pop-up window.
  6. Click the "Share On Godinterest bookmark". When you see something you'd like to post, click on the bookmark for easy posting. Click select the image you want to choose.
  7. Describe your post. In the pop-up window, and enter a description for the image. Then click "Publish".

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