How Do I Post?

Please following the below instructions to post on Godinterest

1. Log in to Godinterest. You can log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin account, or you can just use your email address.

2. Click the "+" button in the tool bar at the top. A popup box with two options will appear.

3. Paste a link (URL) to your photo in the Photo Link box. A thumbnail of the photo will appear. If for some reason a thumbnail does not appear then you do not have a valid photo link.

4. Click on the "Upload a photo" link. Click on "Choose file" and select the photo you want to upload from your computer or mobile device.

5. Give your photo a "Title". It's always good practice to give your posts a title as it distinguishes it from other posts.

6. Write a "brief description" about your photo. This can be added in the last box.

7. Select a "Category" for your photo from the drop down box.
 This will help other users of the site to find your post.

8. Click on "Publish"

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