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Godinterest has a much broader remit within the realm of Christian websites. Dean Jones Co-founder sees Godinterest as a place to talk about God, Faith, Culture, Life and all that other stuff.  
Godinterest was originally launched on December 2, 2012, then discontinued and later recreated after the website was purchased in April, 2014 by Dean Jones.
In December 20, 2017, Godinterest introduced a major redesign as a dedicated blog-publishing tool, adding features such as web standards-compliant templates, individual archive pages for posts, comments, and posting by email. Then in December 18, 2018, Godinterest launched its latest version, migrating users from its aforementioned platform. According to Quantcast, Godinterest received more than seven thousands visits in its first month of activity and reached more than six thousands users monthly. Furthermore, its users tend to be young adults from the middle class with females outnumbering males (55% against 45%).

At its core Godinterest is a publishing platform, built on WordPress, where people can read important, insightful stories on the topics that matter most to them and share ideas with the world.
As a reader on Godinterest, you can read stories from thousands of authors, and interact with them by following their articles and profiles.
As a blogger on Godinterest, you can create multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. The blogs are hosted by Godinterest and generally accessed from a subdomain of Blogs can also be served from a custom domain owned by the user (like by using DNS facilities to direct a domain to Godinterest's server.  A user can have up to 50 blogs per account.
Available designs
Godinterest allows its users to choose from various templates and then customize them.
  • Integration Godinterest has a feature called "reblog!" which allows users with Godinterest accounts to
  • Godinterest supports Google's AdSense service as a way of generating revenue from running a blog.
  • Godinterest can be optionally integrated with Google+.

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